PP Hospitality Launched “The Smile Behind PP Hospitality” Book


PP Hospitality has recently launched its first book “The Smile Behind PP Hospitality” at Cendana Room PARK HOTEL Cawang – Jakarta. This book completely shares the journey of PP Hospitality for more than ten years delivering its service with smile to its valued guests as well as providing Indonesian hospitality.


Sinur Linda Gustina, Director of Commercial & Hospitality PT PP Properti Tbk said, “It is an honor to share the spirit of PP Hospitality services through the book "The Smile Behind PP Hospitality" to all of our stakeholders”.


“A smile is the simplest way to show the guests that we have a strong desire and commitment to make them happy. And in reality, a smile has an important role, especially in the hospitality industry. We believe that a sincere smile will deliver a positive contribution to the hospitality business,” she added.


As a part of the state-owned enterprise company and as the business unit of PT PP Properti Tbk, PP Hospitality is national hospitality management who own and run its own brand. PARK HOTEL Cawang – Jakarta is the first to open followed with PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung, PRIME PARK Hotel Pekanbaru, and the latest one, PALM PARK Hotel Surabaya are the existing hotels all around Indonesia with an upcoming one PRIME PARK Hotel & Convention Lombok by 2020.

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