PP Hospitality  of PT PP Properti Tbk , Ready To Welcome Guests With Proper Safety And Hygiene Standard

The COVID-19 situation has impacted many aspects of the world where it put all of us in an uncertain condition. In late March 2020, Jakarta was placed under a strict Large-Scale Social Restrictions act or known as PSBB in Bahasa Indonesia. During this situation, only vital industries that are allowed to operate and the rest have to do work from home. As the condition progress to the better, the Jakarta region now has been elevated to the Large-Scale Social Restrictions Transition state (PSBB Transition) where many businesses are finally allowed to operate again though with some limitations.


PP Hospitality of the business unit PP Properti with all its five hotel establishments was also affected by this situation and have to comply with the government regulation. During the PSBB period, our hotel team  continue to work on implementing the new proper safety and hygiene standard as is required by the government. Sinur Linda Gustina M. as the Director of Commercial & Hospitality of PT PP Properti Tbk has confirmed that the four hotel establishments have been re-opened since July 1, 2020, with one hotel in Balikpapan is planning to open in October 2020.


“We are ready to welcome back all of the guests to our hotel by implementing the required health protocol by the government. We shall measure the body temperature of each visiting guests and require them to use the hand sanitizer before entering the hotel lobby. Follow to that, we shall also spray disinfectant to all the carry-ons and suitcases that comes along,” explained Linda.


Aside from placing hand sanitizer in all public areas, all of PP Hospitality hotels also applying physical distancing practice at lobby area by placing a standing sign on the floor to make sure a safe check-in and check-out process. All of the rooms and corridors are also sanitize and disinfected properly following the health protocol. Our housekeeping team will also perform their duty by wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including a face mask, hair and shoes cover.


“All hotel employees are required to go through the body check temperature process before starting their duty. They also required to take shower before and after the working process. All the used uniform will placed in a safe plastic bag before sending to the laundry. Our service team that deals directly with guests such as the Front Office, Food & Beverage staff, and Housekeeping will always wear gloves, face mask and shield at all times,” said Linda furthermore.


At this moment, our public facilities such as swimming pool and gym are temporarily closed following government regulation in this PSBB Transition period.