PP Hospitality Conducts a Media Visit to Kompas.com

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PP Hospitality had the opportunity to conduct a media visit to Kompas.com which located at Menara Kompas, Palmerah Selatan, Central Jakarta on Thursday (23/8). Media visit is a great way to get positive publicity for PP Hospitality and maintain long term relationships with the media.

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On this occasion, PP Hospitality was represented by Director of Commercial & Hospitality PT PP Properti Tbk Sinur Linda Gustina, Public Relations Manager PP Hospitality Ari Eka Putri, Marketing Manager PP Hospitality Cicilia Kn, General Manager PARK HOTEL Jakarta Utomo Adhi Basuki, General Manager PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung Annisa Nur Imaniar and General Manager PRIME PARK Hotel & Convention Lombok Arie Septayudha.

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During this visit, Linda explained the growth of PP Hospitality in developing hospitality business in Indonesia and has become one of the source businesses of recurring income of PT PP Properti Tbk.

That visit was warmly welcomed by the Travel Editor of Kompas.com I Made Ashdiana and team. Kompas.com presented about its channels and trends and explained the type of information that the company can provide to them that would appear in their stories.