Kemiri Restaurant Won Jawa Pos Reader’s Choice on Jawa Pos Culinary Awards 2019

Jawa Pos Culinary Award 2019.jpg

Kemiri Restaurant located in PALM PARK Hotel & Convention Surabaya is a new restaurant in Surabaya, and has become foodies’ favorite restaurant because of its tasty food with a cozy ambience. The restaurant that located in Kaza City area, proved to be able to compete with other new restaurants by being nominated in Jawa Pos Culinary Award 2019 and won an award as the " Jawa Pos Reader’s Choice " in the New Restaurant of the Year category in Surabaya.


"We are proud to receive this award as it proves that Kemiri Restaurant has become one of the favorite restaurant in Surabaya, especially for Jawa Pos’ readers. It also motivates us to continually provide best quality and services to all customers," said Jufrida Andiwuna, the General Manager in-charge of PALM PARK Hotel & Convention Surabaya.


Jawa Pos Culinary Awards (JPCA) is an annual program held by PT. Jawa Pos Koran since 2016, in collaboration with Apkrindo, UK Petra, food bloggers and the city government of Surabaya under the auspices of Gus Ipul. One of the objectives of this event is to work together with sponsors and organizers, we hope that this event can support each other and help culinary businesses in Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Gresik, and Malang to get feedback from experts (food bloggers and jury), and may be better known to the wider community.