12 Aug 2018

PP Hospitality hosted its annual gathering and training workshop which participated by all employees from its units that are PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung, PRIME PARK Hotel Lombok, PARK HOTEL Jakarta, PP University and PALM PARK Hotel Surabaya. It took place at Cikidang Plantation Resort, Sukabumi on 1-2 August for Batch 1 and 9-10 August for Batch 2. This year PP Hospitality invited Academia Education & Training to organize these activities and James Gwee as the facilitator.

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Both groups had successfully completed all sessions containing training workshop and team building activities. James Gwee, a professional trainer & seminar speaker, conducted a full day workshop for Batch 1 & Batch 2 with the theme Excellent Habits of Successful People to transform Company’s Core Values PPBID (Personal Awareness, Professional, Be Grateful, Integrity and Discipline) to all employees. James Gwee facilitated this session guiding all employees through a process to understand the Core Values as well as to optimize the effectiveness of Core Values and ensure the Team lives by them. He motivated all employees to become “Better & Faster” at their jobs.

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Director of Commercial & Hospitality of PT PP Properti Tbk Sinur Linda Gustina said on her speech during dinner that the two-days program created in order to deliver Core Values for hospitality business - providing a great foundation and guide for the way all the Team interact with guests, clients and each other.  On that evening all employees got together and had fun with lots of entertainment and door prizes until midnight.

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On the second day of this program, the organizer held team building activities in order to keep all employees motivated and happy. This will lead to better productivity as well as team work and employees will even have some good memories with their colleagues. 

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