Ramadhan Charity by PP HOSPITALITY

21 Jun 2017

PP HOSPITALITY held breaking the fast and get together with orphans and surrounding communities at its hotels and project, PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung, PARK HOTEL Jakarta, PP UNIVERSITY Puncak, Bogor and PRIME PARK Hotel & Convention Mataram project, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

"We would like to show our care and social responsibility through implementing a variety of CSR activities in the holy month of Ramadhan. Throughout the year, PP HOSPITALITY consistent to support local communities in line with our mission,” said Linda Gustina, Director of Commercial & Hospitality PT PP Properti Tbk.

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This year theme was "Improving Togetherness and Relationship among Human Beings", PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung in collaboration with Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association or Perhimpunan Hotel dan Restoran Indonesia (PHRI) of West Java initiated the activities by inviting 100 orphans from Yayasan Multadzam and underprivileged societies from Neglasari near the hotel for breaking the fast and get together at Gaharu Room on Thursday (15/06/2017). It started with Quran recitation and translation and continued with Nasyid performance by PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung employees. On that occasion, the Chairman of West Java PHRI, Kapolsek, Camat and Lurah Cibeunying Kaler also attended the event. The management distributed donation for the orphans at the end of the event.

On Friday (06/16/2017), breaking the fast and get together with local communities surrounding the project was held at PRIME PARK Hotel & Convention Mataram at PT PP (Persero) Tbk Lombok area office. Camat Selaparang, Lurah Monjok Barat and several local government officials were attended the event. General Manager of PRIME PARK Hotel & Convention Mataram project, Arie Septayudha, at the same time asked their support for the hotel groundbreaking which is expected to be held on end of August 2017. The Iftar closed with gifts distribution by the project team.

Ramadhan Charity continued at PARK HOTEL Jakarta by hosted an Iftar with 100 orphans from Yayasan Al Sakinah Jatinegara and communities surrounding the hotel on Tuesday (20/6/2017) at Cendana Room. East Jakarta Mayor, Drs. Bambang Musyawardana, M.Si attended the Iftar and particularly distributed donation to orphans and Yayasan Al Sakinah. On that occasion, The Board of Directors of PT PP Properti Tbk included the President Director, Ir. Taufik Hidayat, M.Tech shared the joy and care with orphans.

The event became more special with entertaining show from the famous puppet character “Si Unyil and friends” at PARK HOTEL Jakarta that entertained both children and adults before Iftar. Some orphans took part the event by performing Marawis, poetry reading and singing Islamic songs. The event closed with donation distribution to all orphans by the management team of PARK HOTEL Jakarta.

Last, Ramadhan Charity activities ended at PP UNIVERSITY Puncak, Bogor that hosted breaking the fast and get together with 70 orphans, widows and older people from Lewimalang located near the hotel on Wednesday (21/06/2017). At the end of the event, the management team shared the gifts to all audience.